The fuel pump is one of the most important parts of the engine, as it allows the right fuel supply. It is made of two different parts: the hydraulic part, which is the real pump made of aspiration and exhaust valves, and the pneumatic part. Between these two parts, we have an elastic membrane working as a pumping element, as well as a separator. Thanks to the oscillation of the membrane, the volume in the pump housing changes and fuel flows from the tank to the carburetor.


Fuel pumps can be placed outside or inside the tank: this second type is surely the most common one.


ATECSO suggestions:

  • Keep the tank clean! Contamination of the fuel because of dirt and rust is surely the main cause of problems on the fuel pump.
  • Choose good-quality fuels, as employing low-quality fuels will soon cause damage to the pump.
  • Do not drive often with your car low on fuel, as this may cause overheating and other problems to the pump, as well as to the filter.
  • Pay attention to faulty, electric connections (wrong ground connections, loosened connections, wrong tensions for overheated connectors, etc.) as they are another frequent cause of damage of the fuel pumps.
  • Always use good quality products!


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