Shock absorbers are extremely important products for both safety and roadholding of the vehicle, as they must absorb the roughness of irregular roads, preventing the vehicle from being damaged.


Average life of a modern, good-quality shock absorber can be over 100.000,00 km (along with the correct use of the vehicle) but our suggestion is to focus on the most common signs of malfunction that can be:

  • Less control of the vehicle on the curve
  • Vibration of the steeringwheel
  • Reduction of the efficiency of the braking system
  • Unusualwear of the tyres


Besides, we recommend always replacing at least the whole pair of shock absorbers (front or rear, although the best condition would be to change both pairs)  in order to keep the right balance of the vehicle.

ATECSO guarantees all its shock absorbers with appropriate tests and strict controls.


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